A Round Table Discussion “Implementation of Environmentally Safe Solid Waste Management System in Zaporizhia Region”


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Representatives of the local authorities, scientific institutions, private sector involved in waste management, environmental CSOs and the media took part in the event. The participants of the roundtable discussion stressed that the issue of collecting and removal of waste is crucial for Zaporizhia region. This area requires efficient and focused actions in terms of a single state policy. As a result the following decisions were made: to apply to the Government of Ukraine concerning ratification of the Procedure of Issuing Waste Management Permits in accordance with the Ukrainian legislation; to apply to the Ukrainian Parliament and its Budget Committee with the request to amend the Budget Code in terms of transferring costs received from ecological tax to the special fund; to support legislative initiatives concerning adoption of a range of laws on waste management and implementation of the “green” tariffs on electricity produced through processing or recycling of household waste.