Global Biodiversity Festival. ARE YOU READY TO EXPLORE THE WORLD FROM YOUR LIVING ROOM on May 22-24??

May 22nd is the International Day for Biological Diversity, celebrate with a virtual extravaganza featuring scientists, explorers and conservationists from across the globe!

The Global Biodiversity Festival is a virtual weekend with a simple goal of bringing the amazing diversity of life on our planet, live into everyone’s home during these challenging times. From the 22nd – 24th of May, Fest will share the amazing variety of life on our planet and the scientists, explorers, conservationists and filmmakers documenting and protecting it. They will highlight the weird and the wonderful, but also the conservation challenges, along with the good news success stories.

Progress in implementation of the Grant Programme “Increasing the confidence level to strengthen partnership between police and communities"

Grant Programme “Increasing the confidence level  to strengthen partnership between police and communities" under the EU-UNOPS Project "Support to Police Reform in Ukraine"  is in the middle of its implementation. 

Please review presentation for more details:

Progress presentation

Selection results of Grant Programme within EU-UNOPS Project “Support to Police Reform in Ukraine”


List of selected grant proposals:

Title of the Project

Name of the NGO/CBO

Geographical territory

Approved budget, USD

Youth and women platform for community policing

NGO Green consciousness and partnership

Kyiv region, Ukraine


Changing community attitude toward the police through community policing programming

NGO Healing power

Kharkiv region, Ukraine


Strengthening the partnerships between police and local community

NGO International Economic Committee

Kyiv region, Ukraine


Establishment of local youth movement "Together for Peace and Security"

NGO “Prosvitlennya”

Lviv region, Ukraine


Youth policing model to improve the safety and security in community

All-Ukrainian NGO “Maybutnye derzhavy”

Kyiv region, Ukraine


Establishment of Public Centre for strengthening cooperation between police and local community

NGO “Novyi svit”

Kharkiv region, Ukraine


Community policing and social service partnerships

NGO “Geosystema”

Kharkiv region,  Ukraine


Strengthening partnerships between local community and police to contribute to democratic policing

NGO Club Vavilon

Kyiv region, Ukraine


Establishment of School Police Platform

NGO “Center for ecology-concerned parents “Dhzerela radosti”

Kyiv region, Ukraine


Community-oriented policing to reduce crime, disorder and fear and increase satisfaction  among citizens

NGO “Zhyva”

Lviv region, Ukraine


Strengthening cooperation between police and local communities through the Third Age Institute

NGO “Shyrokyi step”

Kharkiv region, Ukraine


Launch of  a Dialogue Platform and  Cooperation Centre between police and local community

NGO "Clean Field"

Kharkiv region, Ukraine


Art for Environment Campaign: Symphonic Orchestra Concert on the Water, June 30

GEF Small Grants Programme has the honour to invite you to Art for Environment Campaign: Symphonic Orchestra Concert on the Water which will take place on 30 June in Kyiv, River Port. 
Goal: To generate SDGs and environmental awareness using the universal language of music as a catalyst for individuals, communities and leaders. 
Partners: UN Ukraine, UN Volunteers, UNDP/GEF SGP Network, Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine, Ministry of Ecology and Natural Resources of Ukraine, Mayor of Kyiv, State Agency of Ukraine on Exclusion Zone Management, Symphonic orchestra “Kyiv-Classic”, State Enterprise “Administration of River Ports”, civil society.

Global youth video competition on climate change

The UN Framework Convention on Climate Change has teamed up once again with tve to launch a video competition for the best youth climate projects happening around the globe. 
Youth between 18 and 30 are encouraged to send an inspiring three-minute video in two categories:
Climate action: explaining how your activities have helped to address climate change.
Public awareness: showcasing their efforts to raise public awareness around climate change.