Energy-Efficient Modern Boilers to Heat Lysychansk School No 29


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DSCF0196Solid fuel boiler is very energy efficient and, as a result, reduces GHG emissions dramatically. Project participants described all the benefits of such boiler. It is environmentally friendly because it produces no smoke and toxic substances following use of wood waste and other solid waste as fuel. The boiler is cost-effective, as only 0.1 kg of wood waste is needed to produce 1 kW of heat. The cheapest types of solid waste can be used. It is efficient due to high level of heat production; its energy conversion efficiency reaches 93%. It is easy to use because a fuel can be put into boiler once a day. Another advantage of the boiler is that it is “omnivorous”, i.e. solid fuel does not need to be milled and fuel raw material with high content of moisture can be used. In terms of its exploitation, the boiler can operate more than 15 years if simple rules of maintenance are followed.

Furthermore, following the project implementation an effective information campaign concerning public awareness on energy efficient technologies and climate change mitigation was conducted. A range of events was held involving local community, representatives of the authorities and media.