GEF SGP Project Launches Wooden Pellet Production Facility to Promote Alternative Fuel in Ukraine


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Local community welcomed this project with great enthusiasm because the manufacturing of pellets is environmentally friendly as well as economically beneficial. Through the project, 10 new jobs were created in this rural remote area with a comparatively high unemployment rate. Furthermore, the people can reduce their expenses on household heating through the use of wooden pellets.

IMG 3463Currently, the capacity of the facility allows a production of 400 kg of pellets per hour. The raw material for the production of the pellets is wood waste from the timber industry, energy willow and other illiquid waste. Hence, waste is transformed into an economic resource while reducing the use of fossil fuels at the same time. The establishment of this pellet production facility has helped raise awareness among the local public about sustainable resource use, reduction of emissions, and the protection of the environment.