GEF SGP Ukraine operation under the martial law

Dear partners, colleagues and friends,

Let us answer the questions that come to our office.

Is the GEF Small Grants Programme operating now?

Yes! The GEF Small Grants Programme works 24/7 to help local communities and civil society organizations.

What is the GEF SGP team doing now?

We work in line with the coordinated actions of the UN system in Ukraine, namely we are included in the relevant clusters within the Humanitarian Response – Ukraine. 

We provide advice to the civil society organizations we worked with before the war.

We participate in volunteer initiatives.

We expect the resumption of open calls for proposals and standard activities of the GEF SGP after the victory.

Our office is currently working online.


Our contacts:

Svitlana Nigorodova

National Coordinator



Valentyna Kyrychenko

Programme Associate 


WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram: +380503510048