GEF SGP Ukraine supports CSOs to develop capacities and adapt to emergency conditions through crowdfunding mechanisms

In 2021-2022 the GEF SGP Ukraine team has successfully participated in the UNDP Crowdfunding Academy. It is an interactive training and capacity-building program that empowers organizations with the necessary knowledge and skills to prepare and run a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The program is intended for UNDP country offices that want to start, expand, or rebuild their projects and programs, using online tools and innovative methodologies. Through interactive modules and exercises, participants learns how to create the key elements of a crowdfunding campaign so that in the end, they are be able to launch their own campaign. Participants have a chance to work with the top crowdfunding experts from around the world who offers guidance and feedback.

Starting from May 2022 the GEF SGP Ukraine started to share received knowledge and develop capacities of national CSOs in order to adapt local communities to emergency conditions through crowdfunding mechanisms. Now SGP is supporting and providing guidance in development of two national crowdfunding campaigns.