UNDP Ukraine Resident Coordinator visits SGP projects


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Mr. Walker met with Mr. Mykhailo Danylenko and other representatives of project introducing waste management and recycling system in small towns of Ukraine. Mr. Walker was able to learn about project progress in organizing demonstrational points for separate collection of secondary raw materials in the villages of Korostyshiv, Zhytomyr and Malyn districts.

Mr. Walker also had a meeting with representatives of SGP project on energy efficient street lightening in town Radomyshl. Project implementation group presented achieved results and explained how replacing old bulbs with energy efficient ones and promoting energy saving measures improved conditions in the town. At the site visit, the Mr. Walker was able to learn about the new street lighting system and its environmental and socio-economic benefits which generates significant cost and energy savings in four times.

In addition, Mr. Walker met with Ms. Olena Kozak, SGP project coordinator, and Ms. Svitlana Borysenko, project participant. Ms. Kozak described the benefits of SGP solar energy project which introduced eco-friendly activities for increasing households profits of rural citizens by learning local people to use solar fruit and vegetable dryers, supporting in organization of green tour households, developing eco-routes and promoting green tourism in the region through media resources.

During this occasion, Mr. Walker took the opportunity to talk about sustainable development with schoolchildren from the Radomyshl gymnasium. Moreover, he expressed his gratitude to CSO activists for their efforts and stated that this fruitful cooperation will continue to strive for a cleaner environment and better livelihoods.

Mr. Walker awarded Ms. Olga Ignatova, member of the SGP National Steering Committee, with UN honorable medal. Ms. Ignatova said "I hope that you enjoy our nature and people of our region. Our people really appreciate the support of the GEF SGP and UNDP".

Lastly, Mr. Walker met with the prominent civic activist and SGP supporter Ms. Olga Bogomolets. Ms. Bogomolets is a People's Deputy of Ukraine, a Head of Parliamentary Committee on Public Health, an Advisor to the President of Ukraine, an Honoured Doctor of Ukraine and a Professor of the National Medical University. She is a founder of the museum in the Radomysl Castle – the Museum of Ukrainian Home Icons.